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About Textpattern Templates

Textpattern Templates is a website offering templates for Textpattern you may have seen before for other blogging software.

Although Textpattern is a nice piece of software, there aren’t many good templates and themes, which may be a result of the fact that importing templates is not so easy with Textpattern.

So I decided to start this website where I want to distribute “Famous Themes & Templates for Textpattern”. Despite their obviously time-proven quality, all templates are free to download and use.

The templates take advantage of the really useful mcw_templates plugin which makes importing them into your own Textpattern installation a breeze.

Rules for me

  • Depending on the license of the original theme I will always ask for the author’s permission to port the theme.
  • I will always try to keep the original theme’s features working with a core Textpattern installation meaning I will try to use as little plugins as possible. In case of the need of a plugin I will implement it with the useful if_plugin tag that you won’t run into any problems without having installed the plugin.
  • …to be continued… maybe

Rules for you

  • You respect the license under which the templates are distributed, mainly you do not remove the links to the author of the original theme or to Textpattern Templates.
  • ...to be continued… maybe

One more thing...

Please don’t complain about my English since it’s not my native language. If you have any complaints about the language on this site please contact and advise me! :-)

About Textpattern

What is Textpattern?

A free, flexible, elegant, easy-to-use content management system for all kinds of websites, even weblogs. Textpattern.com

For more information and download visit the official Textpattern CMS website.

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