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Tranquility White for Textpattern Updated

3563 days ago by Robert

I’m happy to announce the release of Tranquility White 1.1 for Textpattern.

Basically, this release incorporates just a minor fix, silencing a warning message when the template was used at sites running Textpattern 4.0.6.

Proceed to the template’s own page for a downloadable package and its accompanying instructions.

Finally: Textplates '07

3939 days ago by Marcus

The 2nd annual Textpattern Template Competition, Textplates ‘07, is finally here. The competition is back with a brand new website and some amazing prizes ($11,000 worth) that are sure to make it even better than last year’s.

Since I’m busy right now, no comment on this, except that I’m looking forward to the competing templates!


3943 days ago by Marcus

Today all of the three available templates have been downloaded 1000 times! I thank you all for your interest!

The future?

As you can see there’s a lack of new templates and updates of the site. The reason is, I’m not sure how to continue.

Continuing the way I started or waiting for the new Textpattern? I don’t know.

Textpattern.com and Textpattern.net down

3966 days ago by Marcus

Both websites, especially the forums and the TextBook, a wiki with a tag reference for all TXP tags are now down (again) for several hours, both stating to have database problems.

Of course, they are both on TextDrive. I’m myself one of the legendary Venture Capitalists who have a lifetime hosting there. But I’m no more there since TextDrive was no more a reliable webhoster. And it may have never been before. Those who are still praising them must be somehow blinded by this fine piece of software called Textpattern and the opinion that the author of such a good software must also be a founder of a reliable webhost.

For the success of a good CMS a reliable internet presence is a must. So, TXP crew, please go away from TextDrive!

Nice try!

3984 days ago by Marcus

Textpattern’s April Fools Joke: Textpattern CS Pricing.

New template: BloggingPro for TXP

3985 days ago by Marcus

Although I promised to publish now a 1 column template I had to convert the recently published BloggingPro theme for WordPress, because I immediately fell in love with it when it was released.

I hope you will like it, too. Download and enjoy!

Beautiful TXP: Nine Pearls

4000 days ago by Marcus

One of the reasons why I started this website is the fact that I have no design skills at all. I may know some things about XHTML and CSS, but when it comes to creativity I’m totally lost.

I know that there are a lot of beautiful websites out there made with TXP — but today I stumbled upon a very beautiful weblog written by a girl named Veronica and driven by Textpattern: Nine Pearls.

It has a kind of 3 column layout, a nice color scheme and it is easy to read, although the content itself is not necessarily of my taste.

Go and take a look at Nine Pearls.

P.S.: Originally I didn’t want to categorize my ‘News & Article’ section because I only wanted to announce new templates and updates, but now it seems I have to rethink about it ;)

New template: Tranquility White for TXP

4000 days ago by Marcus

Like promised before here is the second template. It is a very simple and elegant template for many purposes.

Download and enjoy!

Now that I have made two 2 column templates I will look around for a nice 1 column template to convert.

Any suggestions?

Tools to track your conversations

4001 days ago by Marcus

One thing I like about other blogging platforms is the feature to subscribe to follow-up comments. It’s either a core feature (like ExpressionEngine, they have a nice new site, btw) or via a plugin (like WordPress). I haven’t found a plugin for Textpattern that is capable of that, yet. I wonder why?
I know there is a plugin for comment feeds but to subscribe to a feed just to follow the conversation is not an option for me.

However, there are tools out there that can track your conversations. The two most popular are:

  • coComment keeps track of all the online conversations you’re following in one convenient place, and informs you whenever something is added to a conversation. You can share your conversations on your blog or explore what other members have to say.
  • co.mments tracks new comments for you, so you don’t miss out. You can see all the new comments from your tracking page, subscribe to a feed, or get alerted by email.

While coComment is more community orientated co.mments is very simple and elegant. I like co.mments even more for the option to alert me via email, either once a day or immediately when somebody has replied to my comment.

Another alternative is to save the article you have commented on to a social bookmarking service like del.icio.us and tag it with, let’s say, mycomments. But this would mean that you have to visit those pages again and again to check if there are new comments.

Anyway, today I integrated coComment as well as co.mments to this blog for easy tracking of your conversations.

Many visitors. Many downloads. No reactions.

4002 days ago by Marcus

I am positively surprised how well the start of Texpattern Templates went. There is a fair amount of downloads of the first template and the second one will be up soon.

However, I wonder if there are really no problems with installing the template? Maybe the approach with the mcw_templates plugin is a good one. People seem to have no problems at all.

But if somebody is running into problems here is a reminder for the support forums.

There is a dedicated category for the MistyLook template as well as a Showcase where you can show us your Textpattern installations and a Wishlist where you can ask for a specific template you have discovered in the web and you want to have for Textpattern.

Other websites dedicated to templates for TXP

4003 days ago by Marcus

One of the reasons to create this website was the lack of sources for templates for Textpattern and, of course, that all published templates were to difficult to install.

However, I wanted to list the few websites I know that they are publishing templates for Textpattern, too.

Unfortunately they are all more or less dead. I wonder if there are any other Textpattern templates developer or sources out there?

First template online!

4004 days ago by Marcus

After getting Sadish’s permission to publish the MistyLook for Textpattern I’m proud to announce the official start of this website.

Maybe I have forgotten here and there some things to explain, but I’m sure with your questions coming in, I can complete instructions and details on the specific templates.

Look forward to the next template I will port to Textpattern. Well, actually you can see it already on this site, it’s Tranquility White by Roy Tanck. But I made so many changes just for this site that I have to redo it for distributing as a “normal” template for Textpattern.

Welcome to 'Textpattern Templates'!

4004 days ago by Marcus

This is my very first post on this website and it is my very first post for an english speaking audience at all.

Although I’m blogging for more than five years now, I was only blogging in German which is my native language.

But now with the idea of a website that is offering well known themes and templates from other blogging software for Textpattern I thought it would be a good idea to start that website in English.

So please whenever you think my posts and descriptions are not written well please excuse me.

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