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Beautiful TXP: Nine Pearls

4000 days ago by Marcus

One of the reasons why I started this website is the fact that I have no design skills at all. I may know some things about XHTML and CSS, but when it comes to creativity I’m totally lost.

I know that there are a lot of beautiful websites out there made with TXP — but today I stumbled upon a very beautiful weblog written by a girl named Veronica and driven by Textpattern: Nine Pearls.

It has a kind of 3 column layout, a nice color scheme and it is easy to read, although the content itself is not necessarily of my taste.

Go and take a look at Nine Pearls.

P.S.: Originally I didn’t want to categorize my ‘News & Article’ section because I only wanted to announce new templates and updates, but now it seems I have to rethink about it ;)

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