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Textpattern.com and Textpattern.net down

3966 days ago by Marcus

Both websites, especially the forums and the TextBook, a wiki with a tag reference for all TXP tags are now down (again) for several hours, both stating to have database problems.

Of course, they are both on TextDrive. I’m myself one of the legendary Venture Capitalists who have a lifetime hosting there. But I’m no more there since TextDrive was no more a reliable webhoster. And it may have never been before. Those who are still praising them must be somehow blinded by this fine piece of software called Textpattern and the opinion that the author of such a good software must also be a founder of a reliable webhost.

For the success of a good CMS a reliable internet presence is a must. So, TXP crew, please go away from TextDrive!

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