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If you have used WordPress before you may have appreciated the easy use of themes where you were able to change the design of your entire weblog with one click.

Unfortunately Textpattern has not a feature like that. However, with the mcw_templates plugin by Mike West it is possible to do something very similiar. You can upload a design to a special folder and ‘activate’ it in Texpattern. An already existing template will be backuped before.

So the whole idea of this website is based on a single plugin. Therefore I hope Mike will develop it for future versions of Textpattern, too.

Installing the plugin

Got to the plugin page and download the mcw_templates plugin. Please read the instructions given there carefully.

After a successful setup of the plugin you should have a writable directory like this:

Uploading and activating the template

After you have downloaded your desired template from the Templates Section unzip the package and upload the folder to the directory named above.

After uploading go to Extensions -> Template files and select the template from the drop down menu. Click the Go button to finish the import.

Before the import the plugin will backup your old templates.

Enjoy your new site!


This easy way to change the look of a Textpattern website was tested several times.

However, before using the plugin and a template downloaded from this site you should always make a backup of your database!

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