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MistyLook for Textpattern

4005 days ago by Marcus
MistyLook, a free template for Textpattern

MistyLook was originally made for WordPress by Sadish Bala. When I was still playing around with WordPress this was one of my most favourite themes.

If you want to get an idea what this template will look like with your Textpattern installation please take a look at the demo site.

MistyLook for Textpattern v1.0

For information on how to install this template with Textpattern please read the General Instructions page.

Special notes about the ‘MistyLook for Textpattern’ template:

  • Asides: This template is supporting so called Asides. In case you don’t know what Asides are, please read this post by Matthew Mullenweg. Using Asides with MistyLook for Textpattern is very easy. When you write a post just change the “Override form” under the “Advanced Options” to “Aside” and your post will appear on the frontpage as an Aside.
  • Header image: The new version of MistyLook for WordPress offers the change of the header image within the backend of WordPress without firing up your FTP client. Since Textpattern itself is missing a feature like that, you have to change the header image manually. The header image is located in http://yourdomain.com/textpattern/_templates/mistylook/img/ and is called misty.jpg So if you want to change the header image upload a picture to that directory and rename it to that name. For best fitting the picture should have the size of 806×189 pixels.
  • Monthly Archives: Since Textpattern is not supporting an monthly archive in a way you may know from other popular blogging platforms I recommend the use of the rss_suparchive plugin. Maybe in a later version of MistyLook for Textpattern I will include it into the download package.
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